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Do you hate millennials too?

By Caitlin Jennings on

Rein4ce’s first millennial employee leaps to the defence of her generation. If I were to say millennials to you what would your first thought be? Annoying, lazy, boring, stupid, entitled…? As a millennial, I Googled it and the above list was not far off!

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Would you insure a politician’s promise?  This Lady is for Turning

By Helen Smith on

Prime Minister Theresa May performed one of the biggest u-turns in political history on Tuesday when she made the surprise announcement to hold a snap general election in June. No one in Westminster saw this coming, especially in light of the fact that the PM had been emphatic that there would be no election before 2020. This raises an interesting question for the insurance world: would any insurance company consider insuring a politician’s promise?

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Wot? No claret?

By Mairi Mallon on

After the Corporation of Lloyd’s banned its 800 staff from drinking at lunchtime, the responses from the insurance market have varied from “about time” to cries about “nanny state” imposing yet more rules on workers. For those of you who do not know, the London insurance market is famously boozy. I fondly remember my first lunch with a Bermuda CEO in one of the fine eateries in Leadenhall Market, where I was given some of the best business advice I’ve ever been given over fine food and fine wine.

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Swiss Re Corporate Solutions appoints new CEO of Asia Pacific https://t.co/uIAtBGU9Ye @SwissRe_CS #appointment #CEOhttps://t.co/2Y7v43W60q