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Found: One Time Capsule

Found: One Time Machine

By Mairi Mallon on

There is something amazing about picking up a bit of paper and actually writing something – the way your emotions spill out through your handwriting. While it is so easy to send an instant message, a quick text, hit the like button, etc., sitting down and writing is something else, a longer, more thoughtful process.

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The power of hashtags

By Caitlin Jennings on

This year’s British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) annual conference has demonstrated how the insurance sector can utilise the power of a hashtag on Twitter.

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Mind the gap!

By Caitlin Jennings on

International Women’s Day can be an important catalyst to push the important topic of gender equivalence. Rein4ce’s Caitlin Jennings says there is still a long way to go to remove the barriers to success for everyone.

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Sarah Mortimer
Hurricane Harvey

Is it still a blancmange market?

By Helen Smith on

The natural catastrophes that came in very quick succession at the end of the summer this year left a path of devastation and trail of human tragedy behind them. What we also saw, however, was the insurance market doing what it does best - and what we so often forget to tell the world about – help people, companies and even countries re-build and get up and running again.

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