Just how many senior women in insurance and reinsurance are there?

A statistic was posted on twitter the other day stating that 62% of Canada’s P&C industry’s workforce was female in 2012 (thanks to @xuber for the post).

And of this figure 36% of what is classed in the survey as senior/executive were women. Interesting post – and much higher numbers than I would have thought.

With Inga Beale taking up the helm at Lloyd’s of London, I thought it might be time to gather some other stats on women in this global market.

Via a Xuber blog on Inga’s appointment, I found Joseph’s University of Insurance Industry Demographics had a study published on December 31, 2012(click here).

It is a US study, but does not break down by geography where the sample was taken from – I’m assuming the US. It is based on 100 companies – 91 publicly traded and 9 mutual companies. Continue reading

Banking vs Insurance… and #goinsurance!

It would be nice to find out what the comparison in size is between the wholesale insurance market and wholesale banking in the UK. I’ve been searching everywhere, but have come up blank.

This is the statistic I’ve found so far, from the Association of British Insurers (ABI):  insurance controls around 13.4% of investments in the London stock market.  This compares to 12.8% held by company pension funds, 3.5% by banks, 1.8% by unit trusts, and 10.0% by other financial institutions. Continue reading

More on why the insurance and reinsurance market is booming…

Mairi Mallon

I just heard on the radio that the UK may be heading for a triple dip recession. News like that really makes me appreciate working in the insurance and reinsurance sector.

With the general doom and gloom on the economy, I’ve decided to start talking about all the good news in our little global sector. And so I have gone about trying to find stats on the insurance and reinsurance market to: Continue reading

Insurance and reinsurance in London is flourishing – so why does no one know about it?

Last week I went for after works drinks within the City of London with a friend who does not work in financial services.

He expressed surprise at the upbeat nature of all the people in the glossy bar, the tabs filling up with bottles of wine and champagne and the general feeling of affluence in the place.

“I thought the City was on its knees?” he said. “Ah. But that is the other bit of the City,” I said. “The banking bit across Gracechurch Street. In these four or five streets where the insurance market lives, things are flourishing.” Continue reading

How has the reinsurance and insurance workplace changed in the last 40 years?

I have just read a great blog by Keith Riley on his 40 year career in reinsurance (click here to go to it) and how the workplace has changed – from the introduction of the fax machine and emails to working by candlelight in the winter of discontent. For you youngsters, this is a fax machine… (they were always jamming and the ink faded, but boy were they a technological advancement)

Continue reading

Top five tips on improving your LinkedIn profile – for actuaries

Two weeks ago I gave a talk at the Health and Care Conference to a group of actuaries working in insurance and reinsurance on social media, focussing on how they might be able to use it for business – either personally or for their companies.

Here I’m going to follow up on that short talk and give the guys and gals a bit of advice on how to improve their LinkedIn profiles as many of them are on this platform already.

Here goes – top five tips on improving your LinkedIn profile for my new actuarial buddies – (and a big thanks to The Actuarial Profession for asking me to give the talk) and for non-actuaries too! Continue reading

Women in the boardroom – and introducing 100 Women in Reinsurance Group

Very recently, I spoke to one industry executive who said that he did not think that men and women could ever work effectively together in the insurance industry – although plenty of women work in his global insurance business. To say I was not surprised is an understatement.

That said, in the same week, I met another CEO who is striving to have a 50/50 split of men and women in his busniess to avoid the testosterone-charged decisions being made. He says he is still a long way off, but he has a goal in mind. Continue reading

reinsurance girl’s blog voted into top blogs for insurance law by LexisNexis for 2011

We received an email late last night at rein4ce telling us that  this blog has been voted onto the top 50 blogs by the LexisNexis Insurance Law Community (cheers from the office floor).

We are delighted, of course. It is the second year running that we have been voted onto this list, and we find ourselves in very distinguished company. As rein4ce is a public relations company rather than an insurance or law firm, it is particularly pleasing to have made the list. We specialise in public relations for the insurance and reinsurance markets – and companies that service them such as law firms – and it is a real accolade to have been selected. Continue reading

Reinsurance Girl’s blog nominated for LexisNexis top 50 insurance law blogs

We are delighted at rein4ce that our Reinsurance Girl blog has been once again nominated for the LexisNexis top 50 insurance law blogs.

The list is featured on the LexisNexis Insurance Law Community and is well worth checking out as it has some favourite resources on there – from Artemis.bm, to GC Capital Ideas, to Lloyd’s of London’s blog, to Goldberg Segalla’s Insurance and Reinsurance Report, Risk Management Monitor and Willis’ new Willis Wire blog.

At rein4ce, we don’t normally ask for much, but we would today ask for your support by voting for our blog. Simply follow the link here and leave a comment by October 7th offering your support. Every little helps!


Monte Carlo reinsurance Rendez-Vous a go-go

Last week the reinsurance world descended on the glamorous Monte Carlo for the annual reinsurance Rendez-Vous.

Among the diamonds, champagne and glitz of the setting, real work was being done, brokers standing their ground on reinsurance pricing for the January 1, 2012 renewals, reinsurers saying prices will rise by up to 10%.

This dance will continue in Baden Baden in October, when the real negotiations are finalised, and may well result in a 5 to 7% rise, according to those in the know.

This year, there was a newcomer to the event, however. World Risk and Insurance News – a new dedicated insurance news channel launched there and has produced several reports on the back of it – and they are very good, well edited and well presented with good content. Continue reading