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The new office isn't bad!

Posted 17 November 2015 via web

RT @standardnews: Manhunt for suspect believed to be on the run after Paris attacks

Posted 15 November 2015 via web

Great turnout for Bermuda's ILS Convergence.

Posted 13 November 2015 via web

RT @TheEconomist: As Abigail the storm hits Britain, here's how weather systems get their names…

Posted 12 November 2015 via web

RT @SpencerHalladey: Aon sets up $600mn Lloyd's co-insurance 'Treaty' #insurance #reinsurance

Posted 11 November 2015 via web

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21 July 2015: rein4ce appoints Mairi MacDonald as Account Director

Rein4ce, the specialist insurance and reinsurance public relations agency, has appointed award-winning journalist Mairi MacDonald as Account Director.

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Just how many senior women in insurance and reinsurance are there?

A statistic was posted on twitter the other day stating that 62% of Canada’s P&C industry’s workforce was female in …... Read more

Banking vs Insurance... and #goinsurance!

It would be nice to find out what the comparison in size is between the wholesale insurance market and wholesale banking…... Read more

More on why the insurance and reinsurance market is booming...

I just heard on the radio that the UK may be heading for a triple dip recession. News like that really makes me appr…... Read more

Insurance and reinsurance in London is flourishing - so why does no one know about it?

Last week I went for after works drinks within the City of London with a friend who does not work in financial services.…... Read more

How has the reinsurance and insurance workplace changed in the last 40 years?

I have just read a great blog by Keith Riley on his 40 year career in reinsurance (click here to go to it) and how the w…... Read more

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